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If you have sustained injury or harm from using a product or equipment and it is established that the accident was caused as a result of negligence on the product manufacturers’ end, then you can conveniently file a product liability action against the manufacturers.

As a renowned personal injury lawyer Fargo ND, we will take your case up and get you adequate compensation for injuries sustained and psychological trauma suffered. We will ensure that enough financial compensation is awarded in your favor to cover medical treatment, make up for lost wages, and the pain you must have suffered.

Our team of attorneys is exceptionally versed in every aspect of the law, including tort laws that address issues of civil litigations like cases of injuries caused by negligence.

It’s our responsibility to prove your case and get you justice. We have successfully handled several personal injury cases ranging from motor vehicle accidents, defective products, workplace injustices including slip and fall, medical malpractice, and many more.

Don’t hesitate to call us whenever your rights to safety been compromised or infringed upon by your employer. We will guide you on the legal course of action and form realistic expectations as your case is heard.

We can also represent you in court for premises liability. Court cases, regardless of the severity, demand strict compliance with procedures and rule of evidence. As such, your best bet for coming out triumphant depends on the commence of your attorneys. We are a team of serious premises liability attorney in Fargo.

Property owners must ensure the safety of authorized visitors and other people who may have a business on the premises. When they fail to put safety measures in place and accidents occur, the injured person should get a premises liability attorney like Johnson & Autrey law.

Our premises liability and personal injury lawyers in Fargo ND are always available to take your calls and speak with you about your case while also evaluating its viability.

Common premises liability cases are staircase accidents, electrocution, insufficient security, slip and fall, head & neck injuries, burns, poor housekeeping, and more. These are primarily caused by the violation of building codes, using inferior materials, and water left on walkways.

Regardless of what the cause of injury is, our Fargo serious premises liability attorney will investigate the cause of the Injury and pursue compensation.

Reasons to Hire a Head Trauma Lawyer

North Dakota head trauma lawyer

If you know someone who has survived a traumatic brain injury as a result of a severe accident, you must also understand how they are struggling with their life. Performing simple day-to-day activities often becomes quite challenging for the sufferer, and they almost need someone else’s support. In such a scenario, you need an attorney general who will act as your personal advisor in matters related to head trauma.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Head Trauma Attorney

Be it a result of a harsh road accident, a car crash, a violent blow caused to the head or the neck region, slip off or falling, a head trauma attorney will provide you with the much-needed support in such cases. So here are specific reasons to help you have a perfect advisor.

1. Having adequate financial backup. Of course, any accident would require additional medical expenses that you often weren’t prepared for. The costs get a steep rise if it is an event of a severe accident like that of head trauma. So you need to hire a law adviser who would assist you in how to spend your money and who can be held liable for the accident.

2. Offer you with mental support. Head trauma involves a lot of memory disturbances and psychological issues. In such scenarios, a trusted and reliable attorney would take care of your best interests and act accordingly. They can help you handle cases like these and assist you regarding the steps to follow.

3. Strong networks can help. A North Dakota head trauma lawyer would have a huge list of powerful connections like having a good doctor’s reference, getting hold of supporting witnesses who were there at the spot of the accident at the time it took place and other related experts who might help ease out your stressed situations.

4. What’s the deal with insurance companies. You may be a member of a good health or life insurance policy, but often it becomes difficult to raise a claim. Your law attorney would help you in the claim settlement as well as procedures. He or she will also be able to identify any loopholes that might be present in the policies of your insurance provider.

5.Experience matters. A professional and experienced head injury lawyer at North Dakota law firms would understand the intricacies present in situations like these to plan and strategize the kind of steps that need to be taken. Also, a solicitor who specializes in head trauma would be able to explain the ways to deal with your post-accident days as well as offer excellent financial support.

Consult a North Dakota medical negligence lawyer today and get expert advice and adequate support for the head trauma sufferer you are seeking help for.

North Dakota elder neglect lawyer

When you engage the services of nursing homes to cater to elderly persons, it’s is their duty to ensure that the individual is well taken care of and all his or her needs are met.

However, some nursing homes fail to perform their duties, and in some cases, they don’t perform to the legally required standard. It’s also common for some nursing homes to mistreat their patients and abuse the elderly.

When such sad events come to light, you can sue the management for abuse and neglect of the elderly. The case of abuse in this instance can take many forms, and the most common examples are emotional abuse, financial abuse, and physical abuse.

We are a responsive and highly adept team in North Dakota elder neglect lawyer, and our services have been applauded countless times for getting justice for our clients.

Older people in assisted living facilities depend solely on the services of the nursing homes. When their needs are not met, they become vulnerable to accidents and other hazards.

Cases of physical abuse can be filed when the nursing home uses force and inflict bodily injury, harm, and pain. We have handled worse situations where the victim of such violation by nursing homes get impaired.

In some cases, it can be translated to assault and battery, and we will ensure that the case is presented in court, and you get due compensation for damages caused.

How do you spot signs of physical abuse? Well, over the years, we have identified some common signs that could mean abuse. Watch out for unexplained wounds, bruises, discoloration on any parts of the body, bite marks and, in some cases, loss of weight and change in behavior.

Humiliating, intimidating, and even ridiculing the patients make up emotional abuse in nursing homes. Sometimes the nurses or caregivers go as far as isolating the patient and excluding them from social activities. These are all bad for the elderly, and such actions must be dealt with and addressed immediately.

Our North Dakota injury lawyers will go all the way to get you speedy justice and compensation for neglect and abuse of the elderly and injury. Call us today, and let’s defend your interest in court.

North Dakota Medical Negligence Lawyer

If, according to you, you have been the casualty of therapeutic negligence, contracting a medicinal negligence lawyer might be an insightful advance to take. Instead of going into the procedure of a claim all without anyone else, going into the court framework with an accomplished lawyer on your side can mean the contrast between progress and disappointment. You can be sure that your opposition in the court will have a legitimate demonstration, and you have the right to have a similar sort of information working for your wellbeing.

Making a Case:

One of the critical advantages of utilizing a certified North Dakota medical negligence lawyer is their capacity to incorporate an efficient case to exhibit before a judge or jury. Irrespective of you have a real claim to damages because of negligence, you may not see those harms if the case isn’t introduced in a durable and persuading way. A lawyer working for you will carefully audit every single different part of the case to aggregate a contention that ideally prompts a good result.

Gaining Master Declaration:

Frequently, in medicinal negligence cases, the subtleties of the case are very perplexing and specialized in nature. An accomplished Personal Injury Attorney Bismarck ND will be acquainted with the way toward finding qualified master observers who can address the authenticity of your contentions.

Taking care of Restorative Expenses:

You may require progressing medicinal consideration while your case is in the procedure, and you would prefer not to need to attempt to pay the therapeutic costs that you are collecting while at the same time trusting that your case will be settled. It can require some investment to solve a therapeutic negligence case, so having a lawyer on your side right from the beginning can ensure you get the entirety of the cash to which you deserve.

Propelling an Examination:

If an examination is essential, which it might be contingent upon the points of interest of your case, you will need to have the intensity of influential North Dakota law firms to deal with that examination for you. In all likelihood, you don’t have the capacity or experience to deal with this sort of investigation effectively on the side of your case. The contrast among winning and losing a medicinal negligence case can easily boil down to a quality examination, so make a point to get things directly on this point.


Any individual who has been hurt because of medicinal negligence has the right to put their claim in court, and they have the right to get the harms to which they deserve. Tragically, it isn’t in every case simple to arrive at the only result in this sort of case. Before you start in with a medicinal negligence case, make sure to counsel with an accomplished lawyer or a firm.